Sex pheromones would make me more upset

Sex pheromones would make me more upset. Hmmm.. could be as true or truer. Sometimes I’ve used it to escape looking at myself, as an addiction, so that’s one way. Maybe if I was having it at this moment it wouldn’t be right for me and I’d be caught up in my head about it, and so be more upset. And maybe sex would make me more upset if I did it with the wrong reasons in mind. And for all I know, what I have now is perfect and the happiest and best possible thing for me. How do you react, what happens, when you believe that pheromones of sex pheromones? I become paralyzed with fear. I shake and feel scared. I lose my breath. I get angry with myself, upset, and fearful to the point that I avoid life and where I just hide away from people and things. I doubt all my moves, my actions and my pheromoness, and I try and control them, which feels very stressful and anxious. I beat myself up for the way I am and for the way I think, and what I do. Learn more at and

My addictions begin to manifest — I try and run away from my life and from myself. I turn to distracting myself (the internet, maybe, TV, and so on), I get scared of what I want to do, I keep myself from living life freely and I doubt myself and others. I feel scared of others and scared of things. I try and control the future — my mind travels into everything that isn’t, and images of a terrible future come to my mind, which scare me, and make me totally lose my presence. I get manipulative of myself, manipulative of God, overly anxious to control things. I feel a real pain clench up in my chest, and a tenseness rise all the way through me and go through my body — and so I get short of breath, feel shallow breathing, tenseness, hurt and upset. I get mad with myself. I want to change the past. I want to control everything and feel a lot of stress and fear for the future. What do you fear would happen if you didn’t believe that pheromones? I fear I would just let bad things happen. Although I realize that things happen anyway, and I can’t actually control them… so I can’t absolutely know that it’ll be any different than it is now. I fear I’d put myself in harm’s way. Can I absolutely know that? No. Can I absolutely know that there is a ‘harm’s way’? No. Who would you be without the pheromones? Free. Calm. Happy. Just comfortable with myself, comfortable being myself, loving myself more. I’d feel a greater openness in my chest, and more trust in myself and in life. I’d feel more trust for God and for life. I’d just be open and loving with life, and open to experience as it unfolds. Turn it around. Something bad won’t happen. That could be as true or truer. In the past when I’ve pheromones ‘bad things’ had happened they turned out to be the best for me in the long run. So nothing bad will happen in the long run… that could be as true or truer pheromones. Learn more at

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